Your skin is as unique as you are. And the quest for good health and looks needs a good skincare regimen. At CERM, we see it as anything but routine. We believe these are transformative journeys to ignite positive change in your skin. 

First, it’s important to understand that we have a skin type we’re born with – ‘normal’, sensitive, dry or oily skin, for instance.

Then there’s condition: even if we’re lucky to have ‘normal’ skin, it can change mood (becoming dehydrated, irritated, oily or breaking out) from one month or year to the next. That’s down to what you and life throw at it. Our hormones and lifestyle have a lot to answer for.

Short story, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to happy, healthy skin. And even if your skin is challenged, that doesn’t have to be a life sentence.

The answer to a strong, healthy and resilient skin is a custom-built skincare… um… routine. But it’s not a case of choose-one-and-forget-about-it for the rest of your life. You have to do a regular check-in to see what’s up with your skin and if what you’re doing is working. Then adapt to its needs accordingly.

Ready to find your skin journey roadmap?