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Introducing transformative inclusive skincare

Skin in the game: Take charge of its present and future with CERM

Welcome to CERM! We believe that skincare is so much more than just a routine, it’s a transformative, inclusive journey to ignite positive change.
Our slogan ‘You do you. We do your skin.’ says it all. Think of us as your allies and let us help you take charge of its present and future as you do your life. Let’s unpack what this means.

Empower your skin

The beauty of youth is that most of us feel invincible. The future stretches before us endlessly (well, it sure feels that way). And no matter what you throw at your skin – playing the sun bunny, late nights studying or partying hard, junk food binges and the stress of modern living – it bounces back with ease.
Or maaaybe not… Have you started noticing a few cracks in its armor? Telltale signs that your skin’s under stress could include increased oiliness and dehydration (what’s that all about?!), blocked pores, acne, dullness, irritation, dark marks and looking tired. And that’s just on the outside. Internally, things are probs not looking too pretty, either.

Reality check

Bottom line: How you treat your skin now, in your youth, will determine its present health and how it ages years down the line. You only have one skin, after all, and you should start as you mean to continue.
Hey, no stress! We’re here to help you to empower your skin: So it can face the challenges of the modern world, and to give it a healthy, happy and radiant future.

Our commitment to you

We stand for an inclusive skincare experience 

You are our hero. Being inclusive is as important to us as it is to you. We recognize that every skin has a unique journey, and we embrace the beauty of diversity. 

We create honest, hardworking products that cater to a wide range of needs, because beauty should never be limited by skin type, skin tones, gender or background.

We are accessible. Our winning formulas are benchmarked against best-in-class rivals, but we made a conscious choice to keep them affordable, because everyone deserves good skin.

We stand for uncompromising results

We don’t promise miracles. We just don’t compromise on results. Period. 

We use our superior skin-science expertise (from years of creating successful skincare brands) to deliver meticulously crafted formulas. They are committed to your skin's well-being and answer your quest for radiant, resilient skin. 

We marry the most trusted and cutting-edge ingredients from science and nature. And we’ve stripped them to their absolute essentials for clean (no nasties!), super-efficient formulas. 

Each ingredient and product has a purpose. CERM’s pared-down, simple-to-use line-up means there’s no unnecessary fluff. And it makes for a quick, no-fuss skincare routine. Win-Win!

Our products work hard, so you don’t have to, to deliver the visible results you deserve.

We stand for igniting positive change. 

We’re all about respect. Our products respect your skin's delicate balance. Your values and ours align. And our movement for positive change isn’t just for your skin - we embrace positive change for our planet, as well as socially. 

Our tribe transcends borders. We celebrate every unique face and are committed to being a part of the change around body positivity and self-determination.

Self-care shouldn't come at the Earth's expense, we believe. We purchase carbon credits to offset our impact. Our carbon-neutral approach ensures that your radiant skin journey is aligned with a greener, more sustainable future. 

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Our line-up

It’s no accident that 8 out of 10 of our products are serums. These pocket powerhouse products (see what we did there?) are the hardworking, results-driven heroes every skin needs. To make it easy for you, we’ve given them superpowers.

Our serum superheroes

Sometimes your skin needs an intensive boost to correct an urgent issue. And sometimes it needs an every-day targeted action hero. Either way, we’ve got you covered:

  • Top of the league is our 20% Stabilized Vitamin C Serum. Superpower: Radiance Rescuer. It’s your go-to hero for boosting radiance, combating uneven skin tone, dark spots, and strengthening your skin.
  • Oily skins, let us introduce you to the excess oil-controlling powers of 13% Niacinamide + B5 Serum. Superpower: The Balancing Act.
  • Irritable skins (throws temporary tantrums, feeling irritated and sensitive for a short time – sound familiar?), we draw your attention to Cica Complete Serum’s calming and strengthening action. Superpower: The Resilience Restorer.
  • Every skin needs 5% Hyaluronic Complete Serum. Superpower: Hydration Hero. Concentrated Hyaluronic Acid draws in moisture and keeps it in the skin for luminous, plumped, resilient complexion.
  • Anti-Redness Serum’s superpower is The Calming Commander for good reason. It’s your daily treatment to soothe redness and sensitivity on reactive skins, so it feels happy and looks radiant.
  • Want a smooth, shine-free, poreless-looking skin? Pore Minimizing Serum is the one for you. Superpower: The Pore Whisperer. 
  • Need to decongest your problem skin and stop blemishes in their tracks? Consider PHA + Salicylic Acid Serum. Superpower: The Exfoliation Expert.  
  • If you’ve been living too hard and want to steal a march on time, Collagen Peptides Serum is ideal. Superpower: The Youth Protector.

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The support crew

Our daily essentials get a well-deserved ‘Favorite’ status:

  • We all need clean skin, so that it can do its job properly. Our 2% Salicylic Acid Clearing Cleanser sweeps away daily grime, oil and clears pores as it exfoliates dead skin cells. Superpower: The Clean Machine.
  • Moisture is a must! Microbiome Balance Moisturizer keeps your skin’s hydration topped up as it supports its microbiome. Superpower: The Skin Defender.

Ready to put some skin in the game?

Join us on the journey to redefine beauty, celebrate individuality, and ignite positive change – one empowered, beautiful you at a time.

Not sure where to start or which products are your ideal CERM partner? You'll love our skin journey roadmap.