CERM’S top skin-saving superhero serums

CERM’S top skin-saving superhero serums

If you want happy, healthy, radiant and even-toned skin, our top skin-saving superhero serums are the must-haves on your list and in your bathroom cabinet.

Did you know your skin has moods?

Right, we see those nodding heads. It’s not surprising that our skin goes through ups and downs because it is our largest organ. And what it has to put up with… well, it’s a lot

It has many important jobs, including immunity, protection, vitamin D production, touch sensation, waste elimination, and so much more. 

Two of the skin’s main jobs are related to its barrier function. This invisible film of lipids and skin cells forms a vitally important barrier that: 

  • shields our bodies against external attack by keeping dangerous or irritating substances like viruses, bacteria and pollution out of our bodies. 
  • keeps water in our bodies so our cells don’t dehydrate. 

So far, so great, but this layer is only effective if it isn’t compromised. And we tend to throw a lot of challenges at it every single day.

Oil and congestion triggers

Our hormones change throughout the month, and that’s a real rollercoaster ride for some of us. 

Every teen knows how the hormone surge at that time of life can turn a perfectly normal skin into an over-achieving oil-production factory. 

Testosterone triggers sebum (oil) production, and male skin tends to be oilier, thanks to higher testosterone levels. In females, any kind of hormonal change – including time of the month, pregnancy and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) – can cause our sebum production to go into overdrive. 

Stress is another trigger: it spikes cortisol and adrenaline hormones, causing a testosterone surge in all genders. 

Out-of-whack oil production can cause pores to block, giving rise to whiteheads and blackheads, mild or severe acne, as well as dark marks that form as the acne heals.

Asian woman with pale and sensitive skin. Photo: Streetwindy, Pexels.com

Irritation triggers

Most of us live in cities with heavy pollution, which is not good for us, including for our skin, and city living can just be stressful, you know. 

Many of us abuse our skin, too, with harsh products and unhealthy habits (like fast foods, too little sleep and unprotected or too much sun exposure).     

Bottom line from all the above... A weakened skin barrier. It develops gaps in the invisible protective film that shields us, allowing nasties to sneak through and water to escape. So, our skin becomes dehydrated at the same time as it spouts extra oil (huh?!). That’s it setting of a panic-stations alarm and trying to repair the barrier A.S.A.P.!

Dehydration and those irritants can cause inflammation that leave it red, irritated, sore and uncomfortable. It can also develop dark marks, acne and look dull. Blame a cocktail of UV damage, your hormones and stress for that.

We know. It’s not a pretty tale. But help is at hand. Here’s how our superhero serums target these skin issues to empower your skin, strengthen its resilience and restore it to a happy and healthy state.

What did we choose these three serums?

Our top three products are multitasking geniuses that target the skin issues that affect most of us at some point, no matter what our skin type.

You need: radiance-boosting + dark mark fading + anti-aging

Skin issue: It’s feeling a bit irritated, looks tired, lackluster and uneven with dark marks – it might even look a bit old before its time. It needs a restoring boost.

Woman with dull skin and post-acne dark marks applying 20% vitamin C serum. Photo: Ron Lach, Pexels.com


Your superhero: Our radiance restorer, 20% Stabilized Vitamin C Serum 

Our best-selling Vitamin C Serum is packed with the antioxidant power of 20% vitamin C, broccoli, turmeric and pineapple extracts, plus soothing allantoin. 

Wondering why we emphasize using 20% stabilized vitamin C? Because this is the most effective version of vit C (check out our FAQ below), at the right dose to do all we ask of it.

Besides being a well-known antioxidant, it is known for its incredible ability to reduce dark pigmentation marks, boost collagen production, improve skin elasticity and smooth fine lines. It works with the other ingredients to protect your skin against further aggression, strengthen the skin barrier, and calm redness and irritation. 

Our promise: With continued use, skin appears brighter and more even toned as well as becoming calmer, more supple and energized. And you’ll just love the lightweight, silky-smooth water-based texture.

You need: to soothe redness and irritation soothing + hydration + to strengthen your skin barrier

Skin issue: Your skin has become sensitized and over-reactive. It feels irritated, dehydrated and rough, and looks red and unhappy. It needs a dose of calm and hydration.


Young man with very fair skin, eyes and hair with redness and sensitivity. Photo: luriko yamaguchi, Pexels.com


Your superhero: Our calming commander, Cica Complete Repair Serum 

Our Cica Complete Repair Serum is a one-stop product that calms redness and irritation, strengthens the skin barrier and protects skin against harmful irritants, so it becomes stronger against outside attack and premature aging.

Cica, aka Centella Asiatica, has been used traditionally for centuries its soothing and healing properties. We use three forms of Cica to empower skin against inflammation, redness and irritation. This allows it to function at its best.

Our promise: Skin harmony and hydration are restored so it looks and feels stronger, and becomes more resilient. Signs of premature aging are reduced, and skin roughness, redness and irritation become history. 

You need: to balance skin oil + reduce blemishes + boost your barrier repair

Skin issue: Your skin’s oil production is out of control, even if you don’t have naturally oily skin. It needs an SOS to restore its balance.

Young woman with blackheads and pimples. Photo: anna nekrashevich, Pexels.com

Superhero: Our oil-balancing 13% Niacinamide + B5 Serum 

There are many reasons our skin’s oil production gets out of whack, as we've shown above. The answer to bringing it back to balance is vitamins your skin loves.

It loves niacinamide, or vitamin B3, for balancing oil production, reducing dark marks and boosting collagen. 

And it loves vitamin B5, or panthenol, for restoring a healthy skin barrier, and its ability to moisturise and soothe troubled skin. 

Our promise: A beautifully balanced complexion that glows with health - not excess oil! Blemishes like blocked pores, acne and dark marks from acne are reduced.

All good?

Need some help with choosing the right skincare for your needs? No problem. We help you find your ideal CERM skin journey

We hope you find this useful for helping to make your skin happy, healthy and even-tempered. We'd love it if you'd let us know how it goes. 



Why are all CERM serums water-based?

Water-based serums offer many great skin benefits: 

  • The lightweight, smooth and silky texture means they suit all skin types and make them easy to use with other products, so they are ideal in a layering routine. 
  • They are absorbed quickly into your skin and can penetrate deeply so ingredients work effectively.
  • Because of the high water content, they give the skin an instant burst of hydration, helping to plump and reduce dryness.
  • They are less likely to cause blocked pores or irritation, compared to thicker, oil-based products, making them suitable for sensitive or acne-prone skin.
  • Their cool and refreshing texture is great for hot and humid climates and seasons.

I’ve heard that vitamin C can be irritating on skin. But also that it soothes redness and irritation. How?

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) has naturally anti-inflammatory and calming properties. But, some forms, like L-ascorbic acid, are highly unstable and can contribute to skin irritation. 

We use ethyl ascorbic acid because it is highly stable, so it doesn’t degrade in light and air. It is also released into the skin over a longer period, so it is much less likely to cause irritation. 

This property, combined with soothing allantoin, makes it suitable for sensitive or sensitised skin, but we always recommend doing a patch test before using it on your whole face.

Can you use these serums together?

You can use 20% Stabilized Vitamin C Serum and 13% Niacinamide + B5 Serum together. In fact, using them together can actually enhance both their benefits. Their light texture means you can layer them over each other in your routine.